Archana & Sanjay

Cult Modern is shaped with the vision and expertise of founders Archana Nandal and her husband Sanjay Nandal who are a curious pair of contrasts albeit sharing a common love for twilights among other things.

She is a 90s vintage fashion professional from NIFT New Delhi armed with decades of fashion & lifestyle business experience having worked with luminaries and brands in the design world, is a passionate lover of fashion and textiles, and on a side note, indulges in shayari and Shakespeare in free time.

While he is an equally passionate aviator and techie, has spent over two decades looking at twilights from the cockpits of flying machines with the Indian Navy, now on a hiatus from an active Defence Forces career. In free time, he puns!

Together, they’re imagining their dream into reality at Cult Modern.

“Archana has an exceptional understanding of Fashion & Lifestyle business in India. She was instrumental in setting up Camelot, India’s first-ever luxury lifestyle boutique, with me. Her keen sense of design and textiles combined with her knowledge of the commercial aspects of the Fashion business make her uniquely qualified at what she does. It was my privilege and joy to be closely associated with Archana during the years of starting Camelot in Goa and then expanding it to Kochi and other locations.

We have remained friends all these years. And I wish her the best for Cult Modern, her close-to-heart venture.”

- Ritu Nanda, Founder and Artistic Director, Ritu Nanda Design & Quattroporte Luxury Homes


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