The realm where two opposing ideas meet. 
The white space where they have a fleeting overlap.

We are that. 

The interplay of classic and modern. 
The romance of old and new.
That magical moment when day melds into night.
And throws a spectacle of new form and colour into the horizon.
The blur where the past flashes into the future, and a new now is born.
We love celebrating this twilight hour.

We, are a Selective world. 

A world which is inviting you over for a conversation. 
Where there are a thousand tales, that Like metaphors, reveal themselves on closer look. 
Tales that are beveled yet edgy.
Those that surprise and astonish yet evoke déjà vu… you’ve felt this before.
Where sepia quietly shifts into colour. 
Where, 'modern' is not static, but is an evolution of your experiences.
There’s some old-new, some new-old, some new-new and some old-old.

We are Cult Modern.

Chic, timeless, elegant, and painstakingly edited. 
Here classics are redone. Time-honored design is re-imagined.
Souvenirs are re-collected. Memories are recreated. 
Twilight hours are embraced.

Come, be a part of our  journeys.

Welcome to Cult Modern.


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