Bili Hu

bili hu I Coffee Monsooned Malabar - Espresso 100% Single Estate Coffee

₹ 420

Monsooned Malabar is one of India's treasured coffees and has put India on the global map of coffee. In Mangalore, on the coast of malabar, the boldest size Arabica beans are exposed to monsoon winds for 3-4 weeks. The beans absorb moisture from the coastal winds during this time and bloat, thus giving them one of the most unique flavours ever tasted. This practice is peculiar to India. Although the rest of the world has already come to appreciate this unique coffee, we are happy to bring this to the discerning cups of consumers, here in india. Monsooned Malabar is best suitable for manual brewing and for black coffee drinkers. It has woody, earthy notes and almost neutral acidity. The cup is full bodied with a mellow and sweet aftertaste.

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