India Hemp Organics

India Hemp Organics - Hemp Starter Pack | Hemp Protein Powder - 100g, Hemp Hearts - 100g, Hemp Seed Oil - 250ml

₹ 1,497
Hemp I This Hemp-Starter Pack Will Provide You With An Abundance Of Health & Wholesome Nutrition | We Can Assure You That Every Cell In Your Body Will Be Dancing In Joy And Thanking You For Providing It The Nourishment It Seeks To Keep Your Body Healthy And Fit | Hemp Is A Complete Super-Food With A Very Dynamic Nutritional Profile So Much So That No Other Edible Plant Food On The Face Of Mother Earth Can Compare To Its Value | All Our Produce Is Grown In Pristine Nature On The Luscious Foothills Of The Himalayas, And Is As Organic And Natural As Nature Can Get | 100% Raw | Vegan | Sustainable | No-Preservatives | Gluten-Free | Direct From Farmers | Size 33 x 26 x 4

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