India Hemp Organics

India Hemp Organics - Cannabliss Skin Care 100ml

₹ 1,499

Hemp I Moisturizes Dry Skin- It Helps To Keep Your Skin Hydrated Andreduces Dryness | Heals Skin Rashes- It Helps With Skin Conditions Marked By Redness Itchiness And Scaly Patches | Soothes Sensitive Skin- For Sensitive Skin Full-Spectrum Cbd Oil Provides A Very Calming Effect To The Skin | Prevents Acne- Cbd Prevents Human Sebocytes The Cells That Create Sebum From Producing Too Much Of The Oil | Research Suggests Cbd Triggers Anti-Inflammatory Reactions In Cells And Prevents Cytokines Known Acne-Triggers From Activating | Boosts Supple And Soft Skin- Since Cbd Can Reduce The Excess Sebum Production In The Skin It Provides Soft Supply And Radiant-Looking Skin | Size 17 x 7 x 5

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