India Hemp Organics

India Hemp Organics - Cannabliss Arthritis Relief 100ml

₹ 1,099

Hemp I This Oil Is Precisely Formulated For Offering Therapeutic Relief Naturally | Through Penetrating Absorption And Fast Relief From Painful Arthritic Symptoms | All So You Can Increase Your Comfort And Regain Your Freedom Of Movement | Benefits Of Cannabliss- Arthritis Relief Cbd Oil | Reduces Inflammation- Cbd Has Shown To Reduce Inflammatory Responses By Binding To Cb2 Receptors Present On Immune Cells | It Also Helps Reduce The Cytokine And Chemokine Levels | Relieves Chronic Pain- Cbd Bind To Receptors In The Human Body, (Such As The Cb1 And Cb2 Receptors) Which Exert Their Painkilling (Analgesic)Effects | Lubricates Joints- It Is Non-Invasive,And Hemp Seed Oil Is Also Non-Comedogenic In Nature | Improves Mobility- Cbd Reduces Joint Swelling Which Increases Range Of Movement | Relaxes Muscles- Cbd Helps In Soothing And Relaxing The Muscles | Size 17 x 7 x 5

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