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HomeArtisans - Marble And Brass Tulip Coasters - Set Of 4

₹ 2,390
HomeArtisans I Inspired By The Tulip Gardens Of Netherlands This Coaster Set Will Deliver A Dutch Countryside Appeal To Your Tablescape I Tulips Were Originally Cultivated In The Ottoman Empire (Present Day Turkey) And Were Imported Into Netherlands In The 16Th Century I As The Dutch Golden Age Grew So Did This Curvaceous Colourful Flower I In Mid-Seventeenth Century These Flowers Became So Popular That They Created The First Economic Bubble Known As "Tulip Mania"
This Coaster Set Features A Brass Tulip Motif Carefully Inset In Marble. The Stunning White And Gold Combination Gives These Coasters A Timeless Appeal. I Size 3.8 x 3.8 x 0.4 inches (per piece)

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