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HomeArtisans - Marble And Brass Buckingham Guard Coasters - Set Of 4

₹ 2,390
HomeArtisans I The Mystery And Intrigue Of Buckingham Palace Guards Have Fascinated Anglophiles Around The World I "Changing The Guard" Ceremony At Buckingham Palace Is A Major Tourist Attraction But There Are Few Who Know These Four Amazing Facts About These Palace Guards I First, The Queen'S Guards Have Been In Place Since 1660 And Are A Part Of The Household Division I Second, Although The Queen'S Guards Includes 36 Soldiers And 3 Officers Only 4 Stand Outside The Palace When The Queen Is Home And 2 Stand There When The Queen Is Away I Third, The Guards Wear Bearskin Hats That Are Made From Real Bear Fur So That They Look More Intimidating I Fourth, Smiling Can Cost A Guard Anywhere From A Few Days To Up To A Week'S Pay Loss
Add A Touch Of Royal Grandeur To Your Table With Our Buckingham Guard Coasters. I Size 3.8 x 3.8 x 0.4 inches (per piece)

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