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agaro jewels I chintz-dynasty-royal-necklace I Fine Jewelry I Goldplated I enamel-work

₹ 175,000

Regal Exclusivity With A Rebellious Streak Where Versailles Meets Mughlai I Deriving From The Floral Decorations Exhibited By Opulent Mughal Art This Pendant’S Textile-Inspired Style Encapsulates A World-Wide 17Th Century Fashion Phenomenon In A Single Timeless Locket I True Chintz Was Highly Popular During The Late 1600S When European Trading Of The Fabric Was Banned Due To The Inability To Replicate Designs Within Europe I With These Rich Representations Of Natural Beauty Restricted The Pattern Grew A Secret Dynasty Held By The Storied And Lawless Court Of Versailles Where It Was Still Worn By Fashionable Young Courtiers I This Chintz Dynasty Lives On In Its Regal Exclusivity I Gold-Leaf With A Rebellious Streak

Agaro Jewel’S Roya Collection Are Modern Heirlooms Made With Traditional Artistry, Drawing Inspiration From Ancient Islamic Motifs, But Displaying Contemporary Elegance And Style. The Traditional Flower-Motifs In Enamel Represent The Fullness Of Life And Celebrate The Abundance Of The Natural World.

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